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Below you will find info about LeDerick’s poetry, the book he co-authored, links to a documentary featuring his work, and other media appearances.

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LeDerick Horne is a poet, author, professional speaker, disability rights advocate, and special education consultant.

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Empower your students

How can you empower students with invisible disabilities to manage their challenges, accept and advocate for themselves, and reach their goals and dreams? This guidebook has inspiring and informative answers. Told with the authentic voices of adults with hidden disabilities, this encouraging, eye-opening book will help you guide students on the Path to Disability Pride and support their success in the classroom and community. Personal stories blend with powerful strategies as the authors share reflections on their experience with disability—and offer up practical teaching tips and interventions based on the latest research. An essential resource for educators, families, and self-advocates, this book will help students with non-visible disabilities dare to dream big and unlock their full potential.

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Empowering Students with Hidden Disabilities

Spoken Word Poetry

Black and Blue album cover

Black and Blue

Within this second collection of LeDerick’s poetry, he explores the intersection of the two social-constructs that have had the largest impact on his life - “Black” representing race and “Blue” representing disability. It features the poems “Alex Place Soundtrack,” “Dare to Dream,” “Love Poem for Rosemary Kennedy,” and “An American IDEA.”

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Rhyme, Reason & Song album cover

Rhyme, Reason & Song

This is LeDerick’s first collection of poetry. Most of this work was written towards the end of his time in college and within the first few years of his career as a disability advocate. Many of the poems in this collection are set to music and the album features “New Beginning”, “Nina” and an early live recording of “Dare to Dream.”

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Normal Isn’t Real

NORMAL ISN’T REAL is a series of 4 mini documentary-style videos featuring successful young adults sharing their stories of coming to terms with their LD and ADHD issues. These candid portraits take the viewer into the subjects' daily lives; showcasing their talents, venting their frustrations, and employing the strategies they use to manage their challenges and utilize their strengths.

Viewers leave equipped with insights and tools they might adapt to their own lives, and a large dose of inspiration.

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Keynote speaker LeDerick Horne signs a copy of his book, Empowering Students with Hidden Disabilities, for Sharonda Tanner of the Orange Education Association.

The Black and Dyslexic Podcast

The Black and Dyslexic Podcast is here to educate, empower, and equip adults and parents of children with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences. We offer an authentic and raw perspective into the challenges faced when advocating for yourself or your child with a learning disability. Black and underrepresented minorities don't experience advocacy the same way as our White counterparts.


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